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Did you know BC gets more sun hours than Sweden, whose goal is to be fossil-free in the near future?

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Solar Panels BC
How We Make Solar Feasible:

We Listen To Your Needs.

Like you, every solar system we install is unique.

We listen intently to understand what you expect out of your potential system and skip the costly components you don't need. We work tirelessly to spec & confirm the system we propose will meet your current requirements, but also be future-proof, ready to expand if the need arises.

Bulk Purchasing Power:

With our access to multiple distribution companies, we're able to get the absolute best price on Canadian & globally made solar products and equipment.

When a manufacture decides to liquidate stock or offers an exceptional price we don't buy pallets worth - we buy shipping containers worth and pass on the savings directly to you, our very happy customer.

The Lowest Install Rates In Canada:

We keep our overhead next to nothing by purchasing good, used vehicles and special equipment instead of leasing or financing brand new ones. With next to no overhead, we are able to offer the lowest install rates ever seen by a professional solar install company.

Try us, just one quote is all you'll need to see how inexpensive a solar system from us can be.

We're Not All Made Of Money.

Coast Solar Solutions doesn't exist to become rich off those trying to make a positive environmental change - and that's what sets us apart from any other company. We provide the lowest price on components and service you'll ever see.


Providing our customers affordable solar systems allows us to help many more customers than just the few financially elite. Solar panels in BC works - it's time to make the switch.

We Make The Switch To Solar Affordable!

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