To work toward the solar goal of a more connected and sustainable world, our behind the scenes Team is appropriately obsessed with our customers, innovation, sustainability and quality.

The Team

Matthew Whittemore


He is an environmentalist and economic anthropologist, believing in the power of entrepreneurs to make the world a happy, sustainable place. Matthew found the perfect outlet in Coast Solar for his passion to accelerate renewable change in the world and in his home

Aggie Blunt

Media & Public Relations

Aggie believes that tangible solutions to specific problems, implemented by a team of inspired individuals, are the key to sustainable change.

Jeff Legrow


Jeff is talented in a few industries and being a solar installer combines those talents. Being a ticketed, experienced welder, Jeff cuts customer costs by personally fabricating panel ground mount & home side mount fixtures at our workshop.

Jesse Rushmer

Future Installer

This guy knows how to work hard. Currently in north Alberta, Jesse works in -45 degree weather 18 hours a day until the job is done. From pushing a broom to operating a CAT 340d excavator this guy gets the job done right the 1st time - on schedule.