Site Assessment & Quote

Once we've determined that solar is feasible at your location, the next step is to design your solar system. Using state of the art software we'll uncover exactly how much solar energy can be harvested at your location. Here are a few of the steps involved:

South Is Best

The best direction to face solar panels is true south. What if your roof doesn't face true south? We'll take digital pictures of your roof, input them into our modeling software & find out the exact energy generation output possible. We even take into consideration things that may cast shadows on your solar panels such as trees or other buildings.

How Many Panels Do I Need?

Together we'll review a few of your past B.C. Hydro bills to understand your energy consumption and identify certain appliances that may spike it. If you're heating your home with natural gas or oil, then the number of panels required to offset your B.C. Hydro bill will be less than if you were using baseboard heaters.

Your Quote

We love giving the good news! Now that we've built your system piece by piece, we get the pleasure of providing you with your all inclusive quote. Get ready to be surprised at how inexpensive going solar is...